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Advanced equipment "textile machinery leasing new thinking" is the personage inside course of study

Release time:2016-03-05
Recently, with a theme of "wisdom" production of textile and garment equipment exhibition held in international textile city shishi, the organizers in addition to launch its own new production equipment, what is more important to the local enterprises to promote "equipment leasing" new thinking.

Equipment leasing reduce business costs

In the day of the show, both brothers, pegasus and other world famous intelligent equipment manufacturers, also have the cloud is, product is electricity and the purchasing department, industrial consumer finance "traditional industry + + Internet financial" new carrier, which attract a lot of textile and clothing industry, is the host of the whole category of building equipment rental platform.Application of train of thought, this is a new type of equipment for textile shoes clothing enterprises to provide for their own equipment leasing, don't let production-oriented enterprises have idle equipment resources, at the same time, the enterprise needs to be more high-end equipment, and can save money for the enterprise, arrange production quickly.

"Equipment leasing platform will solve a lot of trouble for current production enterprises."Fu cheng, head of the company related Lin Hongjun introduction, for a long time, the textile industry production shoes clothes in order change fast, strong liquidity, capital constraint, so that the king of nine animal husbandry production factory orders, received the armani's orders without the right equipment production, the manufacturer of knitted products received orders, but do not know how to start from the casual pants, "now, as long as there are technical workers, with good equipment, to produce different kinds of products is not out of the question."

Advanced equipment is easier to operation

And in the display device, the wisdom of the most production equipment operation, actually quite "making a fool of."At present, the development of equipment industry trend is to reduce the reliance of the factory for skilled workers and reduce labor costs at the same time, that is, ordinary workers, as long as after proper training can easily use these machines."A brother brand sewing machine head at the scene said.

Financing lease push "machine substitution"

According to the report, the dongguan will by deepening "machine substitution" policy, the implementation of equipment finance lease policies, accelerate the domestic application of intelligent equipment, 3 c industry stimulate enterprise technical renovation will, comprehensively improve enterprise for intelligent manufacturing and "substitution" machine industry needs.Guangdong will be in dongguan, for pilot, every year a total of 200 million yuan of special funds, used for earnings and risk compensation, financing lease move to dongguan intelligent renovation as the main body of the "substitution" machine work.

In particular, financial leasing company provides equipment lease financing business for small and medium-sized enterprises in dongguan, the occurrence of bad debt losses, annual inside line of no more than 10% of new financing balance, risk compensation support, 1% to 2% of bad loans is much higher than bank allows rate;In dongguan, in case of linkage pilot bank loan financing lease business loans when the bad debt losses, the 100% of full compensation according to the actual losses.

Dongguan via letter bureau said, financing lease will become the future promotion, popularization of dongguan key channels of robot applications.Dongguan will with the national development bank jointly issued a plan for the financial leasing, next year for small and medium-sized enterprises can through the financing lease to participate in a "substitution" machine."Will give enterprise guarantee 80% of the China development bank, dongguan government will give guarantee 20%, enterprise as long as make money in the future, according to the interest paid" can be realized.

Textile and garment equipment leasing business, with the transformation of thinking, as well as many small and medium-sized enterprise the actual demand of more and more intense, the new equipment applications, will be promoted.There are many companies began to try, poly group has also been involved in equipment leasing business.For the textile enterprises, leasing equipment can reduce the production cost, arrange production quickly, save money, is also a good choice.Useful for start-up enterprises avoid risks;For the textile machinery enterprises, equipment leasing market in coming years is likely to use this opportunity to promote "machine substitution" and the development, can be prepared.
Exhibition can also see a "live", the world's leading factory with full automatic, semi-automatic smart devices, the direction we demonstrate the whole process of the shoes clothes products production, is advantageous for the enterprise in the understanding of industry leading technology, cognitive yourself is a program that can replace the artificial intelligent.

Industry insiders said that in the current industry under the situation of pressure to tighten, equipment leasing on the one hand, can reduce the textile and garment enterprises in the pressure equipment funds, to facilitate its arrange production quickly;On the other hand, can reduce the demand for skilled workers, textile and garment enterprises to reduce the human cost of the enterprise.As a result, the service is favored by many people in the industry.

Textile enterprises leased equipment cost reduction

On September 18, 2014, shandong demian shares through the "about textile production equipment rental bill, intends to perform the lease will be part of the textile production equipment.With demian group "textile equipment lease agreement has been signed, rental price is RMB 12 million/year, leasing period is two years.

In recent years, influenced by textile industry continues to weaken, shares, cotton textile business losses in a row, which directly affect the overall business performance.Demian shares have corresponding equipment and technical advantages, while demian group has sufficient customer resources and scale, cost advantages, the textile production equipment leasing to demian group, can not only keep the shares, cotton textile business no longer a loss, and to speed up the company business development and other diversified by the steps of strategic transformation, will have a positive impact on the overall performance.

Shandong jining ruyi woolen co., LTD., on December 29, 2014 passed the bill on equipment rental, fitting parts of spinning equipment leasing to laiwu city days respectively shu wool textile co., LTD.

It is understood that the best wool spinning since 2003 rent shandong ruyi technology group co., LTD. Is located in jining city hongxing road production plant for the production of worsted yarn, at present, the factory will be demolition, ruyi woolen lease termination of the workshop.In order to guarantee the normal production and operation, reduce the production cost at the same time, the proposed by November 30, 2014 is 20450797.98 yuan to the net book value of the above parts and equipment leasing, respectively, to laiwu day shu and jia and xinjiang, lease term for three years.

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