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China textile machinery and instrument industry gain "area" extension

Release time:2016-03-05
It is understood that China hopes through the "area" initiative, building connecting Asia, Africa and Europe's infrastructure networks.For Iran, the implementation of new sanctions against Iraq in the United States, Japan and Europe to reduce the related enterprise scale, China also actively develop trade with them.Can be seen everywhere in Iran, China products.
Iran's President, lu haney said 18, can't forget when suffering around with friends, said to deepen ties with China.

Now China is the world's largest textile export country, textile technology has many advantages, scale and technology innovation from the textile has gradually beyond the western countries, at the same time because of China's high quality low price of textiles in the Middle East popular with consumers, so our country textile export market share is higher in the Middle East.

As China continuously in recent years put forward the slogan of "wisdom" in China, China's manufacturing industry and other industry technology innovation ability has been significantly promoted, high-tech exports also have to get the recognition of the world market, the textile machinery and instrument industry, textile and light industry development of associated industries must borrow conveniently for the east wind.

One Belt And One Road strategy is to get through China and the countries of the ancient silk road along the trade routes, play the advantages of various countries work together to promote the prosperity of the region, China's textile industry power, industrial technology and infrastructure is complete, as China's textile industry manufacturing costs rise, many textile enterprises gradually moved to other parts of the central Asia is also important area of the development of the textile industry in the future, so is also the key for textile machinery and equipment industry market.

At present our country textile machinery and equipment industry's technology update speed is accelerated, r&d input and output speed rise obviously, textile machinery and equipment technology innovation ability and level, narrowing of the gap in the progressive step with western developed countries, China's textile export machinery and equipment is the trend of The Times, the xi jinping visit to the Middle East to the purpose is to promote the process of "area" strategy, as the silk road is an important textile trading powers in the Middle East, demand for textile machinery and equipment has the rising trend,

Our country textile machinery and equipment has the advantage is that the international export environment, with corresponding countries trade a lot, since it is mutual relationship, so China's textile industry need to borrow the dongfeng, rapidly expanding hair textile machinery and equipment industry in the Middle East foreign trade cooperation.

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