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China (Shanghai) international intelligent garment machinery and sewing equipment exhibition

Release time:2016-03-05
China is a big country of one billion three hundred million, is the world's largest clothing consumer and producer and exporter.China's apparel industry has great development in recent years, the development of garment industry greatly promoted the development of China's national economy, textile and garment in 2015 output accounts for about one over ten of the national output, and has set up a export surplus for the first five years in a row, apparel industry has made great contribution to China's export.At the same time, China has become the world's largest clothing production and processing base, and around the world every three pieces of clothing, one from the production in China.High labor costs and hire hard, become a problem urgently to be solved in industry development, adjust product structure, backward equipment, efficient production, reduce labor costs, is the only way to get rid of the predicament of textile and garment enterprises.Therefore, application of intelligent automation equipment become the primary choice of them realize the transformation and upgrading.With the enthusiasm of the transformation and upgrading of enterprises has become increasingly high, led to the more intelligent, the birth of high-end equipment.In the context of the economic transformation and upgrading, sewing equipment industry has entered a "manufacturing" to "smart" in the "new normal" stage of development.

With the continuous development of clothing, bags class technology, corresponding to the requirements of the production equipment is raised to intelligence, automation, energy conservation, environmental protection, high efficiency, innovation, more human, tailored and other new demand.Since its inception the positioning "authoritative intelligent automation clothing machinery industry event", comply with the demand of market forefront, for clothing, bags, home textile and other industries to provide urgently needed new equipment, new technology and new technology, to become a new platform for purchasing clothing and sewing machinery and equipment, companies from for meet the needs of the market development tool.Face the high cost of materials, artificial difficult predicament, clothing technology from a technical point breakthrough unceasingly, provides favourable to industry development of science and technology, now and in the face of industry, intelligent trend will lead clothing equipment and software development.

2016 China (Shanghai) international intelligent garment machinery and sewing equipment exhibition is scheduled for May 27-29, 2016, world trade mall in Shanghai museum, is expected to have more than 1200 enterprises at home and abroad.There will be more than 20 countries and regions, including China, the 40000 professional buyers to visit negotiate the purchase.Accumulated nearly 10 m clothing bags enterprise resource, is expected to professional audience of more than 18000 people, including foreign audience accounts for a third, exhibition area of 26000 square meters.

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