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The 15th Asian international textile and garment machinery exhibition (2016)

Release time:2016-03-05
Exhibition time: 2017-03-09 to 2017-03-11
Exhibition cycle: 1 years
Start time:
Application deadline: February 1, 2017
Exhibition venue: Karachi, Pakistan
Karachi International Exhibition Center
Organizer: Pakistan ECG exhibition group,

Organizer: ECG China office,

Exhibits: Gin, cotton carding machinery, cotton combing machine, computer embroidery machine, garment machinery, soft knitting machines, stitching unit drawing or boating machinery, preparation of textile fiber textile spinning machine, textile doubling or twisting machine, winding machine, winding machine, textile bobbin throwing and machine spindle spinning, cloth weaving, brooch, circular knitting machine, knitting machine, hand knitting machine, yarn machine, textile yarn weaving machine parts drawing machine accessories, bleaching machine, dyeing machine, finishing and polishing machine, coating or impregnating machine, printing machine, textile yarn textile packaging machinery, textile bleaching ironing press mechanical press, weaving machines, textile and garment accessories of textile products and raw materials of textile chemicals joint service, CAD

The company, Laborites / CAM certification testing machine of other textile machinery accessories, material textile machinery accessories, textile machinery accessories, bleaching and cleaning machinery, chemicals and dyes, machinery and accessories cloth embroidery equipment, needles, inspection, measurement and folding machine, knitting machines, laundry equipment, textile machinery and accessories, steaming machine testing equipment, control system, textile screen printing machinery, textile machinery accessories, yarn winding machine processing machinery accessories, garment machinery and accessories, machinery and accessories, boiler automation system CAD / CAM/ CIM system, chemicals and dyes, chemicals, black sun computer software, indentation machine, drilling, cutting and laying. Machinery, embroidery, embroidery thread, embroidery thread gluing machine finishing equipment / clothing accessories fusing machine hook buckle, buttons, rivets and fasteners, so the hydraulic machine Machinery, interlining, ironing and steaming equipment, knives, scissors, knife / scissors grinding machine, knitting machine, labeling machine, leather machinery, packaging equipment, welt pocket machine, quilting machinery, sealing machinery, sewing machinery industry, sewing machine accessories and parts, sewing machine drive and control system, sewing machine, sewing thread and cutaneous needle, fabric, leather and synthetic material spreading, around line machine.

A brief introduction to the exhibition:
2016 the fifteenth Asian international textile machinery exhibition is Asia and the world's most influential textile machinery exhibition, has been held in Karachi, Pakistan 14. Textile

Asia is sponsored by Pakistan's Ministry of textile industry and Pakistan's national and ministerial Association, and is only recommended to the government on behalf of the textile machinery exhibition, Pakistan imported high-tech equipment, industrial upgrading, and improve the product quality and production capacity of the most important economic activities. Exhibition also actively promote the new trend of the textile industry and textile, embroidery, printing and other advanced technology. In the Asia Textile 2014 exhibition, there are 45000 people approach to visit. Textile Asia 2014 has from 485 companies in Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United States, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Iran, Britain federal state 39 countries and regions participating, quite a 500 international well-known brands are on show at the meeting. Exhibition business through negotiations to reach 30 million U.S. dollars, almost all the exhibitors have said that in this exhibition has been a very good return and the Chinese exhibitors have increased every year. Previous Textile Asia part of Chinese Enterprises: Chongqing Golden cats, Taizhou Seiko, Chongqing hongmeida, lierkang, Qingdao Weigang drawnwork mechanical equipment, Marzoli (Dongtai) textile machine, Jiangxi Hongyuan Machinery, Jiangsu gold rise, Jiangsu textile group, Sura Jintan Textile machinery, Jiang Su Province textile industry, Shanghai Pacific closroll, Wuxi Hongyuan Group, Yuyao textile machinery, rich Yi, Da Jie king, hung spinning, Shandong Jinpeng, Changzhou Hangyue, Wuxi Xin overflow dyeing and finishing machinery, Hangzhou Tian Mai Textile Electronic Science and technology, Shanghai Huigong, Qingdao days, Zhejiang Kai En, Huaxin, Zhicheng etc..

Contact: Li Yang
Cell phone: 15300064719
China (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Tel: 86-010-56033761
E-mail: postmaster@cegexpo.cn
Address: Beijing Fengtai District City, Taiping Road No. 10
Zip code: 100073

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