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Second-hand textile printing and dyeing machinery opened the trend in the future

Release time:2016-03-05
  In wuxi city, jiangsu province building up, according to the standard of the international conference on China's first textile machinery professional market - wuxi new international international textile machinery city, for the textile, printing and dyeing, leather, knitting, sewing and other machinery manufacturing company supply international business approach, has now started to merchants, measure in October this year for the opening.

  The machinery city total planning area of 300000 square meters, total space of 8000, during the first phase of the area of about 100000 square meters, standard 2000 shops.This set of technology, information, business, conference, BBS, research and development for the integration of professional textile and garment machinery mall now have begun to merchants.

  Textile and apparel industry is the pillar industry in wuxi, always through open for many years, has formed by the chemical fiber, textile, printing and dyeing, clothing, textile machinery manufacturing industries constitute a complete industrial chain, the existing plans to more than 1044 textile and apparel company, staff 283000 people, the main business income is 150 billion yuan in mercy, accounted for 18.5% of jiangsu province, meanwhile the wool, chemical fiber production accounts for more than 20% and 10% of the country, respectively.In addition, there are 7 wuxi textile and garment companies listed on China's a-share market, constitute A "wuxi textile and clothing sector".

  Wuxi textile machinery of professional market, will undoubtedly give mechanical stores to inject new vitality, booster mechanical work swiftly turn over.

  With textile industry sensitive to turn over the years, China's textile machinery work also false potential open, make China become the world's largest textile machinery manufacturer.But China textile machinery company plans to small, product technology content is low.Now, China textile machinery store on the number of domestic equipment accounted for 80%, but sales lack of proportion of 50%.
From the situation at that time, and to contrast in demand now do not break a useful check job category, such as nc machine tools, farm tools, auto parts, etc., these industrial market prospects are good contrast, worthy of the company to take seriously.Other, even if the textile machinery category is also able to do something.

  Specifically, the company should first place original products, from low level to the upscale product changes, it is also a job open trend in the future.Second, the company can meet the value of the key work in the textile machinery industry and development category) do not.Some new fiber in the development and utilization of the relevant category, for textile machinery equipment, puts forward a new supplication.Used for wind turbine blades of glass fiber cloth, for example, in the process of machining need more axial warp knitting machine, rapier loom, air jet loom;And recycled fibers nonwoven web equipment, hot rolling equipment is now used by companies enter, in addition to processing the geotextile with wide loom, powerful beating-up loom production also is very limited.

  Other, some traditional plan relatively small industrial equipment is also blind development.Such as now the fire for a few years of semi-worsted wool spinning has no special equipment, the company widely buy is the old type of carding machine, spinning frame, and then began to make some modification themselves.A single jute spinning company also because you can't buy equipment, and replaced with cotton spinning equipment or wool spinning equipment.

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