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"Love starr model" in the transformation of clothing manufacturing: robot cutting

Release time:2016-03-05
  In shunde, guangdong love starr clothing co., LTD., production workshop, the robot is at work.It continuously receives the data from the custom of the Internet, then automatically into the cloth, a laser beam shot down at the top, the spark, cloth separate.18 seconds later, a pair of jeans cloth is brought out.Take these cloth, workers only need a few hours, will finished jeans "assembly".

  And love starr hot workshop in contrast, the current capacity of excess clothing manufacturing, more and more factories thin margins and even there is no single answer.Where does that leave clothing manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading?

  "Industrial age of mass production, standardization, let consumer lost personality. With the rapid development of Internet +, 3 d printing, personalized customization will be the trend of clothing manufacturing industry in the future."Love starr said President FanYouBin, starr has from the traditional garment factory became a "custom tailor shop", consumers can directly to the factory orders, enter in the website waistline, hip and leg circumference data, such as the selected style.Instant access to data processing, act according to actual circumstances.Clients from Internet order to the goods, only need 72 hours.

  Personalization, however, the biggest problem is the order quantity is small.How to reduce the cost of small batch customization, become the "pain points" place of the clothing business transformation and upgrading.

  Intelligent is the future trend of clothing manufacturing

  In 2010, love starr start "rapid cutting" research and development projects.Relying on the profound understanding of garment industry, FanYouBin will deconstruct the tailor's supposedly robot, analyses the main technical points, and hired a garment manufacturing, mechanical automation and three areas of scientific research staff, such as laser cutting across industry research and development.In addition, love starr and sun yat-sen university, south China university of technology, wuhan textile university and other colleges and universities actively conducting production-teaching-research combination, puts forward some key technology project by love starr, and out of funds and equipment, let the college scientific research teams to help the research.

  In 2015, after the invested more than 4000 ten thousand yuan, love starr developed is suitable for the intelligent cutting robot in the field of clothing customization.Fast delivery capability, low manufacturing cost, brings love starr a steady stream of orders, there is no lack of among them such as metersbonwe well-known big customer.

  FanYouBin to reporters calculated brushstroke zhang: "a brand of jeans in bulk order, batch production, the batch purchase mode, the traditional prices usually in or yuan. Love starr using intelligent cutting robot customized jeans, its price also is in or yuan, and the traditional model. Compared to custom tailor shop at one thousand yuan, a lot cheaper."

  Intelligent cutting robot lower cost of clothing custom also brings new profit growth point.

  Some clothing manufacturing enterprises begin to have intention to buy industrial robots, love starr has gradually become the industry's high-end intelligent equipment suppliers, preliminary realized from elements drive to drive innovation, low-cost competitive advantage to quality benefit of competitive advantage.
"For a clothing OEM business, invest so much money and time for research and development, in my eyes is a" madman ". But now, I have become their equipment suppliers, help them to solve the problem."FanYouBin said, "profits to sell an intelligent cutting machine of my gang foundry tens of thousands of pieces of clothes."

  In the planning of FanYouBin, love starr is committed to become the custom apparel industry solutions to business, relying on the huge user group of production enterprises, set up different clothing brand of mass customization platform."We plan to cooperate with as many of the clothing brand, undertake their custom orders, consumers in the online order, input parameters, you can quickly buy cooperation brand tailor-made clothes."

  Reporter survey found that local manufacturing enterprises are in "machine substitution" boom.In the process of moving towards "made in China 2025", "love starr model" shows unique style: upstream and downstream enterprise combining industry accumulation, actively participate in the industry of high-end equipment research and development, power made toward high-end in China.

  "The application of industrial robots of different industries have different requirements, and industry enterprise often has a profound understanding of this. On the other hand, the import of robot price is too high, price is too low, so is developed with independent intellectual property rights, in line with the Chinese industry characteristics of high-end equipment, this requires industry experienced enterprise actively involved in the high-end equipment research and development."FanYouBin said.

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