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Fashion retail e-commerce industry network marketing solutions

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Garment industry network marketing environment: with the increasing maturity of the basic environment of electronic commerce in China, network marketing in the clothing industry business model has from the initial concept into commercial form with a clear profit model. And, in the field of clothing network marketing has emerged a number of successful operation of the model enterprise.

However, compared to some European and American countries in the field of clothing retail more than 20% of the market share of the current situation of the network marketing, China's garment industry network marketing market development space is very large.

Whether it is a large enterprise or a clothing brand in the stage of starting and growing, e-commerce is one of the necessary strategies of the enterprise, which has a broad market prospect, and is full of opportunities.

Difficulties faced by the owners of clothing enterprises:

Market brand competition is intense, profit margins decline, small batch and multi varieties production increased demand, improve cost, shorten the inventory cycle pressure increasing, enhance the threshold of the traditional market access, domestic clothing brand continued to develop and grow, increasingly fierce competition in the market; under the double pressure of competition and cost, help enterprise optimization that the rate of decline in profit for the average number of clothing manufacturers; end consumer groups demand constantly subdivision, small batch production of many varieties, demand increased. At the same time, end consumer requirements of quality, style, design and production cycle also continues to improve; raw materials, improve the means of production, distribution costs, inventory cycle relationship becomes one of the first to solve the problems in the cost control; the fierce market competition, economies of scale, brand construction costs and other factors to further improve the market of traditional garment industry barriers to entry.

The basic purpose of the garment industry to carry out electronic commerce:
Apparel industry informatization construction for business owners who are concerned, ERP, supply chain management system, all kinds of into, sales and inventory management system in coordinating internal and external resources allocation, saving the cost of enterprises played a very important role in replication when Internet development directly affect our life and daily purchasing behavior, electronic commerce flourished. Different from the early goal of information construction, clothing industry network marketing e-commerce is the fundamental purpose of the following four aspects:

Through the network channels to achieve, enhance sales of clothing products, accelerate the market share of network marketing to seize, and then enhance the traditional market brand influence, the overall market share of the catalyst;

Establish the ultimate compression intermediate channel marketing model, reduce the cost of the channel;

To strengthen the contact with the consumer side, access to real-time market information, and then according to the feedback in the design and production process to make rapid response to the market information, compression design, production, inventory cycle;

To bypass the huge production data input and channel development threshold, low cost and short period of electronic business model to cut into the field of clothing.

Several key points:

How to choose, design, development, introduction of e-commerce marketing platform, the first step of network marketing?

How to exchange data with the data of the electronic commerce platform to integrate the ERP and SCM, improve the efficiency, save the cost, and integrate the enterprise resource?

How to improve sales through the network marketing, to achieve effective customer relationship management, to shape the corporate brand?

Main functional requirements and implementation of the platform

Clothing industry e-commerce platform covers Internet network technology, network security and system security technology, database and application integration technology, platform construction must for enterprise ERP back-end system seamless connection, and network marketing do into full consideration. Garment industry network marketing platform of electronic business affairs is a integrated product sales, product management, marketing and sales information portal, data statistics analysis, network marketing, customer relationship management, and other functional modules of the operating platform.

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