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DSM provides a new solution for outdoor wear breathable film

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In order to make the outdoor clothing has the outstanding performance at the same time also can give the wearer the comfortable feeling, the global well-known outdoor clothing brand has been actively exploring the material. At the same time, they also want to reduce the impact of materials and processes on the environment as much as possible. For example, all fluorine compounds (PFC) is currently prevalent in the PTFE film, and the major brands of clothing are trying to avoid such applications.

DSM arnitel VT is an extremely flexible thermoplastic elastic body can be made into a few microns thick films, while both good waterproof, breathable and comfortable. In addition, the material does not contain PFC, can be achieved 100% recycling.

What is worth mentioning is that arnitel VT films in the water at the same time allow moisture from clothing inside out, so as to ensure the wearer's comfort and dry sense. At the same time, VT Arnitel permeability principle and similar products are not the same, its permeability is not to rely on the permeability of the hole to achieve, but also because of this, VT Arnitel can effectively resist the liquid, and blocking bacteria and viruses. These advantages make VT Arnitel in a very high level of protection of the surgical gown has been widely used. And other similar products due to the need for ventilation holes, so in washing or with alcohol, fuel and other liquid contact, the water will be greatly reduced. Not only that, the permeability of the hole will reduce the intensity of the film, making it easier to tear, or cause blockage, reduce permeability.

For many years, VT Arnitel has been widely used in the field of clothing thin film. DSM Global Marketing Manager (special squeeze produced) Paul habets said: "a number of companies is with DSM cooperate hand in hand, work together to create a better environment, arnitel VT applied to more products."

DSM's partner one in German Sympatex Technology Co., Ltd., is a clothing, footwear, accessories and technology application to provide high-tech material of global leading supplier. In the Sympatex unique formula based on, DSM is the exclusive production of Sympatex copolymer (polyether ester), through cooperation with the Sympatex, polymers in the production process of carbon footprint has been greatly reduced. Paul's new suitable chief executive Michael Kamm said: "has been, DSM is our very reliable partner. Help us to meet the ecological responsibility and the principle of sustainable development and the continuous development of the advanced technology and process. Therefore, our brand is in line with the sustainable development and ecological market requirements of the ideal choice."

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