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Garment machinery "deformation"

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With the downstream garment industry to accelerate the transformation of development mode process to accelerate, the garment enterprises pay attention to brand and the contribution rate of science and technology contribution rate of desire more urgent, cost control, improve production efficiency, has become the most cutting, sewing, ironing, material transfer links to the pursuit of the core and key. Including CAD, automatic spreading machine, automatic cutting bed before sewing equipment, ironing, hanging, washing, processing, and after sewing equipment, related to the production of manufacturing enterprise development speed is accelerating, the products gradually rich, for production automation and modernization of the garment industry provides unlimited power, the more China Sewing Machinery Industry stereoscopic and comprehensive development to a huge role in promoting. Today, with the development of the industry situation, the downstream customer demand change, garment machinery also is "deformed".

The name change

Since the eighty's of last century, China sewing machinery industry faltering start, gradually establish a complete production of industrial sewing machine manufacturing based industrial system. During this period catches people's eyes, for the industry and outside of attention and concern is always sewing equipment: all kinds of rich category, to meet a variety of sewing process required of industrial sewing machine, function and different, exquisite style of the novel household machine, sewing products to flourish, and in a long time, non sewing sewing machinery products development is relatively slow.

As the production of sewing machinery industry system in an integral part, according to the China Sewing Machinery Association of non sewing sewing machinery products machinery (Garment) classification, including the Labu machine, cutting machine, CNC cutting bed, irons, ironing table, ironing machine, gluing machine,, laser equipment, needle detector machine, suspension system (station), other equipment etc.. Obviously, before and after the joint seam is to form a complete industrial chain, to provide complete solutions for key users.

Facing the new situation of rapid development of the industry, to the same industry and international standards, expand exchanges, and covers all the products of the industry as a whole. China Sewing Machinery Association to size up the situation, July 17, 2000, by the then National Light Industry Bureau approval, "China Sewing Machine Association" officially changed its name to "China Sewing Machinery Association". So far, the field of garment machinery industry ushered in a new stage of development.

Downstream change

In low cost advantage has ceased to exist, the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend, garment industry stepping up transformation and upgrading of the moment, improve production efficiency, increase the added value of products, actively seek more profitable international advantage orders, adjust the structure of export markets, clothing enterprises to actively respond to, while continuing to enhance the clothing design, production, sales levels. In this context, from the traditional mode of operation to automatic operation mode has become the consensus of clothing enterprises. Introduction of automation equipment and reduce the production cost of enterprises, improve the production capability of the enterprise, strengthen enterprise management and profitability, such as concept in-depth business, the purchase of equipment automation as most of the clothing enterprise's spontaneous behavior. Such as Metersbonwe to Zara, H & M as a benchmark, establish complete foreign database, in order to cut in the garment can perfect embodiment of Asian body shape. Using ERP system to solve the problems of cost and inventory, also introduce PLM system shorten time to market and product diversification.

Change of product
Since 2000, the sewing machinery industry transformation and upgrade, to further accelerate the process, the product structure is changing rapidly, based on information technology upgrading products cover from the front seam, seam to seam after all product chain, sewing machine products along the highly efficient and intelligent, networked, unit module in the direction of rapid development. Intelligent human body measurement data, flexible garment CAD / CAM, intelligent and flexible ironing system, all kinds of intelligent, sewing equipment (such as template automatic machine, automatic sewing unit, direct drive one sewing machine, and various meet the specific needs of the user's customized, plane of products) fast replacing traditional products, become the market mainstream.

And garment machinery products, after years of rapid development, cutting bed, automatic hanging system, ironing equipment, such as clothing machine equipment structure and function of the basic has stabilized. Domestic products are increasingly rich, such as hanging from Taiwan products mainly to domestic intelligent hanging into the large number of garment enterprises, the cutting bed to foreign brands to win more users of all ages with independent intellectual property rights of domestic products, finishing and ironing equipment from a single function to three-dimensional ironing and so on.

Future, RFID, Internet of things technology can make the machine equipment rapid access to information technology for upgrading the characteristics, intelligent measuring human body data, flexible garment CAD / CAM, intelligent and flexible ironing system currently and clothing production art combining becomes higher and higher. Service machine products from single to the Intranet development is an inevitable trend, remote diagnosis, remote upgrade and remote design service high-end technology will gain popularity, garment machinery products is expected to with the domestic high-end textile and garment enterprises completed the first information upgrading.

Because of this, as the world sewing machine industry development trend of the wind vane, CISMA exhibits structure, exhibit a form is rapidly changing, update, significantly enhance the demand on the site, especially automatic Raab cutting, three-dimensional ironing finishing, intelligent hanging storage before stitching seam equipment grew rapidly, from the original to exhibitors accounted for 18.2% of the total exhibition area of area of 10% rise to CISMA2013.

Change of quantity
In the face of such a wide market demand, the development of the field before the seam is rapid. Such as automatic drawing machine, automatic cutting bed, hanging and other market downturn in the negative environment still keep rising trend. It is estimated that the industry's equipment industrial output value from 2008 to 2013 increased year by year, from 2008 to 4 billion yuan rose to 6 billion yuan in 2013. As an example, in 2013, the total export volume of over 20.36% units, an increase of; total export volume of US dollars, an increase of 21.78%.

According to the census and Statistics Department of the China Sewing Machinery Association exhibition market, CISMA2007 garment machinery exhibition companies, exhibition area of 222, 10606.5 square meters; CISMA2009 due to the impact of the financial crisis, participating enterprises, exhibitors area were reduced to 125, 79.66 square meters; cisma2011 by industry environment overall recovery help, exhibitors, exhibitors area restored to 205, 13044 square meters; CISMA2013 exhibiting companies, exhibition area of 168, 12509 square meters. The visible, even in the environment of the overall development of the industry is still in the doldrums CISMA2013, the number of enterprises although reduced, but the exhibition area is still with 2011 comparable to that garment machinery enterprises in recent years rapid development.

Price change
Due to the downstream enterprises will be equipped with the upgrade of the eyes from the past only stay in the sewing machine gradually extended to the joint before and after sewing and other fields, the automation of the garment machinery also has the more in-depth understanding, and read the market continue to mature, the price of related equipment more "ordinary people", production enterprises are also gradually to enter.

Such as automatic Labu machine, automatic cutting bed suppliers agreed that the price of the products currently has a substantial reduction in the price, and in the future, there is a downside. Eastman said in an interview with reporters, the development of relevant product prices, and the product's market holdings, manufacturing costs, installation costs, production and so have a close relationship. On the one hand, downstream customers of garment machinery demand increase, decline in the price of a product to win the space; on the other hand, garment machinery suppliers of related products and promotion efforts to increase and the producer participation of joined in succession, accelerate the rate of decline in product prices.

Enterprise change
Observation of the last two sessions of CISMA, garment machinery enterprises cross-border development efforts gradually increased, in addition to Lectra, Gerber, and hawks, Benma Torcal, leap double star and other traditional strength of enterprises continued to promote related products outside, hit a full automatic Labu machine Kawakami, Oshima, and km of electric scissors, Eastman, rise to fame in the field of CAD of Fu Yi are gradually exhibited automatic cutting bed, in order to increase product supply type seeking value in a wider field. More new suppliers choose OEM garment machinery road. However, the number of participants is bound to exacerbate price competition, will further change the pattern of future market.

And respond to market changes and competition of enterprises is very important, how talent shows itself. Such as Eagle since the launch of the "since the popularity of automation equipment," action, in Labu machine, cutting bed sales achieved good results, and gradually formed brand effect, and in recent years, the "digital garment equipment comprehensive solution solution provider" image of the show. Its products include intelligent suspension system, intelligent shop cloth system, intelligent cropping system, 3D fashion consultant of stores and quickly clothing system and so on, remarkable.

Leader as a field of garment CAD, Gerber, Lectra have increased investment in the Chinese market, according to its development strategy, both different degree argued that "made in China" set up their own R & D center in China, the promotion of intelligent services, such as the Gerber of PLM system, Lectra a new generation of vector cutting systems.
Another example is the Oshima. In recent years the focus in the field of cutting and Mainland China and Southeast Asia as the focus of the regional market to expand. Also actively promotes the high performance Labu machine; Eastman since electric scissors also focuses on the force in terms of Labu machine, from the concerns of the South China market began change for East China, central China, North China, and actively layout of the Southeast Asian market.

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